Funky Chapter

Every Wednesday 10 to 12 pm on Radio Canut (web or 102.2FM in Lyon)
Every Sunday 9 to 11 pm on (web or 89.8FM in Lyon)

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1 Response to Funky Chapter

  1. boolimix says:

    Boolimix – Funky
    Sarah Webster Fabio – Sweet song
    Ike Turner & the kings of rythm – Funky Mule
    Herman Hitson – There is no other way
    ZZ Hill – Think People
    Crazy – Are you my woman
    Billy Hambric – Flaming Marnie
    Danny White – Natural Soul Brother
    Lou Rawls – The Letter
    General Assembly – Sensitive mind
    Dyke & The Blazers – Runaway People
    Tony Alvon & the Bel-Airs – Sexy Coffe Pot
    Alan Moorehouse – Beatcoma
    Larry Williams – Wake Up
    Louise McCord – Better get a move on
    The Hitch Hickers – Mr Fortune
    Yorkwilborn Psychedelic Six – Psychedelic Hot Pants
    Break it loose
    Perfect Circle
    Dta ewith The rain
    Herbie Hancock – Bring Down The Bird

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