My Radio Show

You can listen to my Radio Show everyweek in direct with the good felows Chylo, James Stewart, Freakistan and more… and you can get the podcast every week from this blog… then discover this special one made from home for download ! Enjoy and listen to the Boolimix sound !

Wicked Party this saturday 16 th of february at La Marquise Boat !
Special guest MC on the mic, Clement, singer from The Mighty Lions !

my radio show 1

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1 Response to My Radio Show

  1. boolimix says:

    Playlist of My Radio Show
    1. Bob McFadden & Dor – The Beat Generation
    2. Drivin’ Around the Block
    3. Express Brass Band – Radio Kabul
    4. Guts – Brand New revolution
    5. Grace Jones – Pull up the bumper
    6. Johnny Taylor – Stop giving People hard luck stories
    7. Menahan Street Band – The Crossing
    8. Al Green – What a wonderfull thing love is
    9. The Mighty Lions – Live in the Boolimix Radio Show
    10. Roseaux – Clarao Da Lua
    11. Meridian Brothers – La Gitana Me Ha Dejado (Salsa Electro¦ünica)
    12. J Alvear – Cumbia Sincelejana
    13. Bill Wells – Vista leVie edit
    14 . Mahmoud Ahmed – Alèm Alèm
    15. Solo Jah Gunt- Monsieur le Président
    MC Lulu

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