Winter Cross Over

A long winter this year, so here is a long mixtape to go throught ! All kind of groovy music but each track is a big tune ! Wicked soul funk to true hip-hop, some latin new stuff and reggae tunes to heavy dancefloor sound from London ! Enjoy this Boolimix !

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5 Responses to Winter Cross Over

  1. beubi says:

    nice picture man !

    word up

  2. beubi says:

    ce serait pas sex rouge ?

  3. boolimix says:

    oui c’est le sexe rouge des diablerets ! et Bravo Ben pour cette superbe photo !

  4. Yes ! encore un tres bon boolimix tape !
    pourrais je avoir un apercu de la playlist sil teu plait ? il y a plusieurs enormes tracks !

  5. boolimix says:

    C’est parti pour 2h de playlist de mémoire:
    Quantic dernier album x2, Ramsey&co-love call, Nytro-what it is, harmonettes-shameshameshame, Otis Lee-hard row to hoe, Menahan street band, quantic again, the roots x2, Cadets – Love bandit, ovni hip hop+original, Jake one, intro jazzy, the impressions, DJ Rodger, dr rubberfunk, truc reggae, Romax & Keith – dont blame the man, Love Joys, Michigan&smiley, mikey murka, soom T, Sena, Pressure, Fantam mojah, bootleg waaack, ms dynamite, deezee rascal. bisou Tiébomescal !

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