Electro from the South

Electropical Mixtape by Boolimix

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Tribute to Bob

I made a first tribute to Curtis Mayfiled years ago and here is today the second one: Tribute to Bob Marley. I think I’ll do one for Jorge Ben and Jimmy Hendrix … later…

The idea is to mix the best songs according to me, with unreleased, alternate versions, lives and also classics of the guy… I make it for myselfish self so I hope you’ll like it ;)

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My nineties…

There is a 90s revival those days and it reminds me how great it was to follow the musical scene at that time especialy for the teenager I was ! Many things in the 90s hit my brain, Acid jazz house, jungla, fusion, funk, disco, dancehall and of course the golden age of Hip Hop. That’s the theme of this Boolimix for RTU, half Hip Hop US and half french which was at the top at that time… It’s “my” 90s hip hop and I hope you’ll like those classix, enjoy !

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Map is not Territory

Jah Booli is back ! His new mixtape is full of old jamaican rareties on 7 inch mixed to follow you all summer long ! You always need a good reggae mixtape in your mp3 player, don’t you ? Here is a quality hour sent from jamaica by the king of DJing !

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Sweet Summer Vibe

Before to take a break in the next few weeks, Boolimix gives you an idea of his playlist on summer holidays this year. This kind of Ice Cream is good for your soul and keeps your mind open in a relaxing vibe. Put it in your phone, you never know…

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Boolimix on RTU

RTU Lyon 89.9FM is a new Radio in Lyon, with a very nice playlist, no adds, eclectic quality music. Boolimix plays for RTU every saturday night 9 to 11pm. Dancefloor selection of the Boolimix nuggets from all around the world also available and downlaodable on Soundcloud.com/boolimix everyweek.

Here is the special one made with Mr President aka Patchworks for his new LP !

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Boolimix on Radio Canut

Everyweek for ages now, Boolimix and Chylo are playing live their best records on Radio Canut102.2FM. Every wedhnesday 10pm to past midnight and afterwards on mixcloud.com/boolimix you can listen to 100% quality music from every part of the world mixed by telepathic DJs ;) Free, no adds, no talk, only music.

Boolimix RadioShow – 9 juillet 2014 – HUGE

Boolimix - Summer 2014

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Party in Lausanne !

So happy to go and party in Lausanne next week ! Chylo and Boolimix invited by Zelig for a dancefloor session next Thursday 8th of may. Join us !


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Boolimix on Radio Canut

For almost 15 years Boolimix have been operating on Radio Canut’ s turntables every week ! Live with many others friends and DJs the Boolimix Radio Show is firstly in nice moment sharing music, beers and more ;) Thanks to Chylo who joined me years ago to rise the vibe at the max !

Yesterday was one of those shows which took an unexpected and wonderfull turn, it’s often the case and it gives me the wish of sharing the vibe and music with you:

Boolimix Radio Show – 30 avril 2014 – All time classix
Boolimix Classix

Boolimix Radio Show – 23 avril 2014 – Sunshine Show

Boolimix Radio Show – 9 avril 2014 – Merci les amis !

Boolimix Radio Show- 2 avril 2014 – The duo is back in the studio
Vynil en tranche

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Spring Party

You can listen to Boolimix on Radio Canut and RTU every week and you can also come and share the vibe on the dancefloor:

25 avril : Maison Mère Lyon: Tropical night with Feakistan
26 avril: Cancale Dijon: After de John Milk Live
8 mai: Zelig Lausanne: Boolimix & Chylo
9 mai: Arbois: Champion Sound #2
16 mai: Cancale Dijon: Champion Sound #3
1er juin: Sunday Park Nuits Sonores Lyon with the Soul Passage Family
14 juin: La Vapeur Dijon: Coco Loco with Bituca et Maze Go Groove

CS afroreggae

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